Greek Association of Women Entrepreneurs (SEGE)

Greek Association of Women Entrepreneurs (S.E.G.E.), since its establishment in 1997, holds an important role in the promotion of women in the business field. It is administrated by a 9-member council and members of S.E.G.E. are women from all over Greece, active in the business field, either by owing an enterprise or by participating in one as board members or/and shareholder. Today, S.E.G.E. has more than 900 members across Greece. As a non-governmental and non-profit organization SEGE is active in improving and increasing the involvement of women in business activity by providing to them all the information and assistance that is needed to ease their career.

SEGE provides to women entrepreneurs in Greece the appropriate environment to develop their business and themselves as entrepreneurs, promotes young entrepreneurship, improves the visibility of their achievements in business and promotes the growth of women-owned businesses through research and information. SEGE promotes ethics and morality in exercise of women in work, while taking initiatives that demonstrate a sense of social responsibility. Furthermore, S.E.G.E. is active in the social level regarding the promotion of women in the social and political life, in promoting and protecting women human rights and in eliminating actions on gender discrimination.