Partnership for more effective WBL in VET

Reducing youth unemployment across the EU remains a significant issue and developing their skills to meet employer needs and find work is a crucial element to respond to this challenge. Work-based learning (WBL) uses the workplace as a powerful learning environment that contributes to developing these skills.

Promote WBL will not only identify and share methods which help make work-based learning more effective, but it will also provide VET professionals with the knowledge and tools to make it happen through a dedicated online course. Our partnership aims to demonstrate that work-based learning in VET can be a win-win situation for both learners and the host employer.

Barriers to making this happen can be challenging to overcome. Issues we have identified include poor relationships and collaboration between VET providers and employers, and a significant skills gap among learners of transversal skills; especially their entrepreneurship capabilities. VET professionals play a key role in developing this agenda, as both relationship-builder with industry and as the deliverer of skills improvement in young people. Promote WBL will support the training of VET teachers to help their students to make the most of their work-based learning.

The consortium unites VET providers, businesses and social partners from 7 EU countries; the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Greece, Poland and Croatia. Through this consortium we will produce an online training course for VET professionals and different complementary support tools. Through this we aim to support VET institutions to create a number of long-term collaborations between themselves and businesses of all sizes to create high quality work-based learning opportunities for their learners. It is also expected that, through Promote WBL’s contribution to a more effective learning experience for students, we can help to influence an increase of early employment outcomes.



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